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Best Network Attached Storage for 2018
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. Access and share whatever you want, with any device, anywhere you have an Internet connection. For the most part, anything that requires more than a mirrored single disk, I'm not going to bother to use a NAS. Most big name hard drive manufacturers have products in this category, such as the Western Digital My Cloud series, with capacities of between two and eight terabytes, or the Seagate GoFlex Home range, which can be used by up to three computers as well as iOS and Android devices via a free app. They may be able to seed torrents, stream media via DLNA or Plex or act as a bridge for remote connection to desktop machines.

NAS Systems

My Cloud Mirror

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The My Cloud mobile app with automatic backup to your personal cloud storage will help reliably store your irreplaceable photos and videos, so you can free up space on your tablet or smartphone Technical Specifications. Sign in to your My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud NAS device. My Cloud™ Home storage is home to all your content. With enough space to keep all your photos, videos and files in one place at home, you can organize it your way and access from anywhere with an internet connection. Product Features On-the-Go access with the My cloud home mobile app, desktop app or mycloud.