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Setting up VPN with Actiontec Router

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Joe…… I so need your help pleeeeeease. The APN is correct. The settings can be found here. Even if you get it to work, you may have spotty and poor coverage compared to a phone that is fully compatible. Nothing you can do to change that. So, I have a LG X power. Are you still having the problem?


Verizon Wireless APN Settings

I discovered this thanks to this very difficult to parse post on the Verizon forums. It seems to me the following protocols also need to be forwarded:. That said, it operates flawlessly, and has only ever caused me trouble this time, when I attempted to configure the port forwarding rules for L2TP. Begin by setting up a new port forwarding rule. Out of the box, the ActionTek comes set up with rules for many then- modern services. However, critically, a port forwarding rule is the only way to forward the GRE protocol.

To set up a new port forwarding rule, begin by logging into your router, likely by pointing your web browser to http: Using the "tabs" at the top, choose Advanced.

In the bottom, you will see Port Forwarding Rules ; choose that:. Here, we will create a new rule. Instead of doing a VPN set up. Have you considered using a program like Go to My PC? Or another desktop sharing program? I've used something similar and what I had to do was to log into the webpage before I left home, and then I could access my desktop from any other computer by logging into the web page and establishing a link that way.

The only configuration I had to do was to open the ports on the router. This may be a much easier solution for the direction your doing your connection. I agree with the above. For inbound setting up a VPN is going to be difficult. If you use something like DynDns.

But the Actiontech is not going to act as a VPN endpoint for inbound connections. If you have a different router or a server that can do this, it would need to be placed in the DMZ. But any regular inbound open ports to a VPN or server can be hacked in minutes. If you are really worried about security, I would think twice. I have a RSA key that changes my security every sixty seconds. Something I know and something that changes. Not a standard config and it costs a bit to set up.

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Configure VPN Settings - VZAccess® Manager (Windows®) - 4G. Notes: Ensure the USB modem (with the SIM card) is inserted. Ensure the Wireless WAN Radio is on, select the appropriate device. Mar 12,  · Re: VPN Setup JohnB_VZW Mar 9, PM (in response to mlciskey) You will need to contact your company's IT department for further assistance with the VPN on your Samsung Tab. Verizon 4G LTE Apn Settings- Detailed Configuration Steps. For those folks that are looking for the 4G LTE APN Settings for the Verizon Wireless phone, we are providing you the updated, correct APN Settings that your phone needs in order to get the connection speed using your mobile phone internet.